Rotala Orange Juice
Rotala Orange Juice Emersed
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Rotala Orange Juice

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Description: Rotala orange juice is a cultivar plant that was selected by an Italian plant lover from a unique patch or Rotala colorata. This patch had striking orange stems and was duplicated in the lab to maintain these genetics. In its emersed grown from the orange colour is not obvious at all. However, to achieve the desireable orange colouration, strong lighting, co2 and iron supplementation is required.

Difficulty: As with all aquarium plants, Co2 injection and appropriate fertilisation are recommended for optimal health and growth. Nonetheless, Rotala Orange juice is considered an easy-to-grow plant that will grow at a moderate pace even in the absence of quality lighting and Co2 injection. Growth is typically green without high iron levels

Emersed Growth: Rotala orange juice is easy to grow emersed with much rounder leaves than its submersed counterpart. Converting Rotala orange juice between growth states is relatively easy.

If you are unsure of the difference between emersed and submersed growth you can visit our blog post here. This is a short article written by us that is easy to understand for beginners in planted aquariums.

Quick Guide: 

  • Temperature: 15 - 28°C
  • pH: 6.4 - 7.6
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Lighting Requirements: Medium
  • Co2 Injection: Not essenial
  • Origin: Italy - cultivar

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