Ludwigia arcuata x repens
Ludwigia Arcuata x Repens
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Ludwigia Arcuata x Repens

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Description: Ludwigia arcuata x repens is a hybrid species plant that is quite easy to grow. Under strong lighting it will appear a deeper red. The picture shows its appearance under moderate lighting. It grows quickly and can be easily propgated by trimming and replanting the stems. Two new shoots will typically appear where the stem has been cut. Regular trimming will result in bushier growth.

Difficulty: As with all aquarium plants, Co2 injection and appropriate fertilisation are recommended for optimal health and growth. This aquarium plant will grow fine in low-tech conditions. However, the addition of Co2 goes a long ways in boosting growth rate and structure

Quick Guide: 

  • Temperature: 10 - 28°C
  • pH 6.0 - 7.8
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Lighting Requirements: Low - Medium
  • Co2 Injection: Not vital
  • Origin: Unknown

Sold as: 6 Stems Emersed Grown