Lidernia Rotundifolia ' Variegated'

Lidernia Rotundifolia 'Variegated'

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Description: A gorgeous, easy to grow stem plant, Lidernia Rotundifolia is characterised by the striking white lines that develop within its bright green leaves. It grows quite quickly and is relatively undemanding when placed in a well-lit area.

Difficulty: As with all aquarium plants, Co2 injection and appropriate fertilisation are recommended for optimal health and growth. Such components are not essential for this plant due to its hardy nature. It is a perfect beginner plant.

Emersed Growth: Lidernia grows very easily emerged and it is unusual to have difficulties converting it between emersed and submersed form.

If you are unsure of the difference between emersed and submersed growth you can visit our blog post here. This is a short article written by us that is easy to understand for beginners in planted aquariums.

Quick Guide: 

  • Temperature: 13 - 28°C
  • pH: 6.5 - 7.6
  • Growth Rate: Medium - Fast
  • Lighting Requirements: Low - Medium
  • Co2 Injection: Not essential
  • Origin: Africa, Asia, Central and South America
Sold as: 6 Cuttings (Emersed Grown)