Hemianthus Callitrichoides Emersed

Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba' (Dwarf Baby Tears)

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Description: Essentially a smaller and more difficult to grow variant of Monte Carlo, Heminathus callitrichoides 'Cuba' is a gorgeous carpeting plant capable of extremely dense growth. In optimal conditions, its leaves will be almost a quarter the size of Monte Carlo's, however, it is not as versatile. HC 'Cuba' requires stronger lighting and due to its tighter, it requires more consistent trimming. Nonetheless, if you are working in a small aquarium and want to make your aquarium appear bigger than it actually is, this is the perfect carpeting plant for you.

Difficulty: As with all aquarium plants, Co2 injection and appropriate fertilisation are recommended for optimal health and growth. HC 'Cuba' is no exception to this rule, generally requiring high light and heavy Co2 injection.

Emersed Growth: HC 'Cuba' will grow very easily emersed. Similar to Monte Carlo, a few trimmings can be thrown in an emersed tub and within approximately 6 weeks a prominent carpet will become obvious. This is an excellent method to use if you want to expand your carpeting plant collection as the trimmings are very difficult to replant due to a lack of roots. 

If you are unsure of the difference between emersed and submersed growth you can visit our blog post here. This is a short article written by us that is easy to understand for beginners in planted aquariums.

Quick Guide: 

  • Temperature: 15 - 28°C
  • pH: 6.4 - 7.6
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Lighting Requirements: Medium - High
  • Co2 Injection: Essential
  • Origin: Southeast Asia

Sold as: 5cm x 5cm Established stainless steel mesh