Caridinides wilkinsi 'Calman' (CWC Algae Eating Shrimp)

Caridinides wilkinsi 'Calman' (CWC - Algae eaters)

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Description: The ‘CWC’ algae eater is quite new to the Australian aquarium hobby but they are bound to become a favourite. Unlike other algae eating shrimp available to Australian’s these ravenous algae cleaners are capable of breeding in freshwater. Other species such as the Red Nose Algae Shrimp and North Queensland Algae Shrimp may be more prone to jumping out of the water, meaning the population will dwindle over time.

The CWC algae eater is just as effective at algae cleaning when compared to the NQ algae eating shrimp and their population will grow over time. They are also unique in that their colour will change depending on the environment they are in (similar to chameleon shrimp in this way).