Red Root Floaters - Phyllanthus fluitans

Red Root Floaters - Phyllanthus fluitans

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Description: An easy to grow floating plant that has become very popular in the aquarium hobby due to its striking red colouration and short yet vibrant red roots. Red Root Floaters can be grown in most aquarium setups but it is worth noting that they do no like flow. If they are introduced to an aquarium with high levels of surface agitation it is likely that they will melt away. To ensure your red root floaters are as deep red as possible, high lighting is important. Where low or medium lighting is present, they will likely turn green in the middle with red edges. Limiting nitrogen supply will also aid in deepening their colour.

Difficulty: As with all aquarium plants, Co2 injection and appropriate fertilisation are recommended for optimal health and growth. As mentioned above, red root floaters are very easy to keep. However, with Co2 injection, their growth rate speeds up dramatically. Lighting and nutrients are the biggest determinants of their colouration.

Quick Guide: 

  • Temperature: 21 - 28°C
  • pH: 6.3 - 7.6
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Lighting Requirements: Low - High
  • Co2 Injection: Not Essential
  • Origin: South America

Sold as: 1 Handful (Shown in 1st Image). Please note that the plants you receive may be green in colouration due to the conditions they are grown in. Please send us a message if you have a preference.