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Qanvee Digital Thermometer

Qanvee Digital Thermometer

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Description: The Qanvee Digital Thermometer is an extremely precise, out-of-tank thermometer. It is accurate to 0.1 degrees celsius and includes 2 cables. One cable micro-usb cable which powers the device and a probe cable which can be placed in the aquarium water for accurate measuring. Please note that this product does not include the mounting bracket, but can stand up on its own on top of aquarium lids or any other flat surface. The most obvious benefit of such a thermometer is being ale to accurately read the temperature of your aquarium from a distance. Many aquarists neglect the monitoring of their aquarium temperature due to the manual process of reading most other thermometers.

Please Note:

  • Australian adapter is not included and must be purchased seperately
  • Mounting bracket is not included with this model
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