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Mountain Stone (1kg)

Mountain Stone (1kg)

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Mountain stone is another new hardscaping material in Australia. In terms of weight is is quite light, like lava stone and has a unique texture. As the name suggests, this stone is perfect for mountain like scapes with cliffs and crevices. 

It always pays to have a good selection of stones to choose from when aquascaping and the amount required will depend largely on the layout style you are going for however as an approximate guide we would recommend starting with about 10KG of stone per 50L of aquarium volume.

Mountain stone is priced per Kilogram, select the quantity based on Kilogram of stone you require.

With your order we will select at random a selection of different sizes stones to give you options when creating a layout. Please note however, that a 1kg order will likely only be 1 rock. If you want a varied selection you will need to order more than 1kg.

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