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AQUAPRO Shrimp Filter Guard

AQUAPRO Shrimp Filter Guard

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DescriptionVersatile shrimp filter guard that can be used with glass and stainless steel lily pipes. Three different designs:

  • Small (12/16mm) - Fits 12/16mm standard intake pipes
  • Medium (16/22mm) - Fits 16/22mm standard intake pipes
  • Large (23mm) - Fits this Lily Pipe
  • Extra Large (25mm) - Fits some lily pipes with flow regulator at bottom of pipe

Please Note: Not all intake pipes are created the same. For example, the 25mm option may fit some lily pipes with bottom flow adjustment, but not all. The Large (23mm) Shrimp Guard is compatible with the AquaPro Stainless Steel Lily Pipe Set with Adjustable Skimmer (16/22mm)

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